Welcome to Quesh
Here you will find 3 datacrons, Cunning +4, Endurance +4 and Strenght +4.
At the end of this page you will find a video showing where you find them.


Cunning +4
The first datacron is located on a ledge and drop down a ledge, around the fence and into the pipe area (see video below).

Endurance +4
This datacron needs 2 people to open up a forcefield.
The second datacron is located inside the Yuna Crosscut, there is 2 entrances but the controls are at the left one.
The entrence is displayed on the map below.

Follow the yellow line.
Here you will find a panel by the door and 2 control panels by the pillars.

You need to position 1 person by the door as the pictue below shows.
Do not click on the control panel until your friend is in position at the controlpanel at the left pillar.
So your position your friend at the left control panel, go back to the door panel, stand as picture above shows and then activate the panel. Run to the right panel and u both need to click at the same time. One done run to the opening as the arrow shows.

Strenght +4
The last datacron is located on a ride and you just have to run around it