Welcome to Hutta
Here you will find 3 datacrons, Aim +2, Blue Matrix Shard and Precence +2.
At the end of this page you will find a video showing where you find them.


Aim +2
The first datacron is located on a ledge and you need to run up a ramp on a huge pipe. You have a Medical Droid next to it.

Blue Matrix Shard
The second datacron is located inside the Sewer Maintenance Tunnels, this is a heroic area so if you are low lever bring some friends. Just before the datacron you have a Champion Boss and a chest. The entrence is displayed on the map below.

Follow the yellow line.

Precens +2
The last datacron is located on a mound you can get to by either running above a pipe or by being skilled at jumpin up a corner of the mound.